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LTRO ltd.

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Locate & Target the Remaining Oil

At $70/bl there is lots to think about!

We offer a fully integrated Reservoir Engineering and Geological approach to mapping and assessing the positions and sizes of the remaining oil rims and gas caps in your field.

We offer practical training courses.

Led by Boas Arnon with 43 years of oilfield experience.

Our unique skills & ability & knowledge & experience is in our ability to develop a clear understanding of complicated, layered, faulted reservoirs using field observations and practical tools.

The value of this understanding then translates into much improved reservoir management possibilities and an understanding of the distribution of the remaining hydrocarbons which then guides future drilling and work-over programmes. This is what LTRO is about.

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What is the LTRO process?

The heart of the LTRO process consists of the creation of a set of surveillance maps showing the current fluid contacts, both oil/water contacts and gas/oil contacts as relevant. This is done by an integrated RE/G&G approach which uses ALL of the available well and reservoir information on fluid contacts and downhole pressures.

{short dB1.4 map These maps then form the basis for key oilfield development activities: Identifying infill drilling targets in the oil rims. Gas cap and oil rim management.

Detailed volumetric calculations of the remaining oil and gas volumes by reservoir layer and area.

Best possible reservoir performance analysis, e.g. S gc analysis.

The LTRO process has been developed and refined based on extensive experience of infill drilling target definition, field development planning, and reservoir management in the North Sea, the United States and West Africa.

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