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LTRO is all about Locating and Targeting The current Remaining Oil or gas, and assessing future opportunities in a producing field.

It is all about generating displays and assessments to help fully understand past field performance. By understanding the past field performance we can generate work programs to get at the remaining reserves. This is the basic premise behind our reservoir management endeavours.

The key to understanding the performance and potential of a field is grasping the geologic framework and production performance.

We synthesize our understanding by mapping your fields using all available data, thus we capture the Geologic and Reservoir flow understanding necessary to efficiently develop them. We will integrate your 2D/3D/4D seismic data with well control, past production performance, and production reservoir pressure data available.

Working closely together as a tight knit team of development specialist we evaluate, reservoir behaviour and performance by compartments, and map them as such. As seasoned hunters, we then search for, and identify behind pipe, field extension, and deeper potential reservoirs. Our objective is to review, locate, assess and document opportunities and maximize the potential of your field.

We have the experience on an international scale, of integrating Geologic and Reservoir Engineering techniques in what has been described both in Shell and ExxonMobil as a 'Best Practices' relating to the Development of Oil and Gas Fields.

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