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We would be more than happy to give you proposals for:

1. Consulting review visit.

2. Workshop / Training on 'Practical Production Geology and Reservoir Engineering'.

Practical Production Geology Workshop LTRO Ltd.pdf

3. Field Workshop for one week, on individual Layer, area, fault block.

4. Full field study.

5. Workshop / Training on 'Advanced Development Geology and Reservoir Engineering'.

Advanced Development Geology Workshop LTRO ltd.pdf

Surveillance Mapping Workshop LTRO ltd.pdf

In a simple sentence what we do is as follows:

Review Structure (maps and cross section),

Stratigraphy (correlations and layering),

Petrophysics (for each well review porosity, permeability, Saturations ),

PVT (fluid and gas properties and relationships),

Stoiip and Giip distribution (by layer, area, fault block),

Production performance review each wells production history, and layer, area, fault block performance),

Interpret current contacts (CGOC & COWC from cased hole logs and production data),

Review well spacing and performance (if need build simple sector models for simulation).

Then we show on Surveillance Maps an interpretation of where the current oil is, and then asses individual future work programs



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