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Training and Courses

The LTRO Training and Courses are an example driven 

Training Courses, Solution Workshops, & Technology Transfer for optimization of Oil and Gas Production.

Upcoming Courses:

PSM >  11/2021 Paris

PSM - 'Practical Surveillance Mapping'- integration GG and RE

PPG >  12/2021  London

PPG - 'Practical Production Geology'

ADG >  12/2021  Amsterdam

ADG - 'Advanced Development Geology'

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Training Courses:

PPG - 'Practical Production Geology'

ADG - 'Advanced Development Geology'

PSM - 'Practical Surveillance Mapping'- integration GG and RE

'Advanced Horizontal Wells Applications and Interpretations'

'Advanced Tight Gas Reservoirs'


All courses come with a complete set of course materials.

Target Attendees: The courses are designed for :

Petroleum Engineers working on new and mature fields: Geoscientists, Petrophysicists, Reservoir engineers, Production Technologist, Facilities Engineers, Commercial Engineers, Asset leaders, and other disciplines, who interface with production geologists and are part of the team which evaluates, screens and matures oil and gas field production development and exploitation opportunities.

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