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We are led by Boas Arnon with 43 years of oilfield experience. The LTRO process has been developed and refined based on their extensive experience of infill drilling target definition, field development planning, and reservoir management in the North Sea, the United States and West Africa.

Our two key directors have career thumbnails described in the attached CV files.

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Professional Production Geo-Scientist with 43 years experience in Geological and Geophysical interpretations. Technical expertise in Oil & Gas Field Development & Exploration, with the use of well logs, core descriptions, sequence stratigraphic & seismic stratigraphic concepts. Expertise in mature field development integration of geologic and production performance data in locating additional infill drilling targets and assessing barrel chasing opportunities behind pipe. Production optimization, construction of 3D geologic and reservoir fluid simulation models and their history matching .


Gil CV.pdf


RE at LTRO ltd specializing in oil reservoir development, oil surveillance maps and petroleum engineering. Learning and working close hand from the best in a vast array of the petroleum industry. Practical surveillance reservoir engineer. Production data analysis, DCA decline analysis, volumetric analysis, material balance, reservoir fluid phase behavior, well test, PVT, and integrated reservoir studies. Forecast production and reserve estimation. Well Performance Optimization, Well Testing, Work-Over, and Artificial Lift. Specializing in coning conditions of gas and water. OFM (Oil Field Manger) Schlumberger software. MS-Office and programming experience. Introducing a multidisciplinary approach to the upcoming new tasks of seeking the next frontier challenges of the petroleum industry.

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